Is AI Just Another Boys-Only Gadget

Family photo of the first AI community meetup

Women have been underrepresented in many walks of life and (AI) Artificial intelligence is no different. (Just look at that photo)

Building from the manifesto, problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. The thinking only gets better when the brain is filled with more information. According to science, neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form new connections and pathways that continually evolve every after the brain learns a piece of new or different information.

Feeding the brain with more data allows more informed decisions thus avoid problems altogether.

The same is true for AI. This is simply a discipline that involves data science, machine learning, and automation. AI Machines are fed with data and the expected output. Afterward, the machines learn the pattern and the rules which makes automatic reactions possible with respect to the data programmed.

AI for Dummies is all you need to get a better understanding of the concept

The rise of Artificial Intelligence brings a lot of mixed feelings and it can be subjective to different people, Ann Cairns beautifully described this when she said,

Artificial Intelligence is either a silver bullet for every problem on the planet or the guaranteed cause of the apocalypse, depending on whom you speak to!

According to the Deloitte research, 1.3M administrative jobs across the public sector had the highest chance to be automated. However, it is also believed that as much as the rise of artificial intelligence is a threat to the number of people it is equally important to note that AI has created more work than destroyed in the past 140 years.

How Ironic is that?

Yes, the two sides of the coin complement each other, but it is no lie that just like any other technology, AI can be good and bad at the same time depending on the user or programmer

Early this August, the first-ever, community meetup for AI enthusiasts, tech geeks and innovators was able to commence and take the first step of a journey that is yet to impact lives through the advancement of Artificial intelligence in the Tanzanian community and in Africa at large.


And it was with no surprise, the gathering of over 27 community members only included two ladies.

Artificial intelligence will and is already affecting the way we live, make decisions and even how we raise our families, this means women are likely to be the most affected group.

However, women are not as fascinated or excited about AI as their counterparts.

Research shows women are much more skeptical of and averse to innovation in comparison to men who embrace and triumph it. This fear of technological innovation has to do with the fact that society often views the role of women as replaceable by AI, which is visible in the abundance of women robots and female personal assistants, such as Alexa and Cortana. — Kate Levchuk, Forbes.

Artificial intelligence is utterly entangled with the STEM subjects and there is less representation of women there. However, understanding AI opens up lots of opportunities, especially for women. Here are some free resources about AI that can help

The poor representation of women in the rise of Artificial intelligence results in a three-fold imbalance socially, economically and culturally.

  1. Inadequate personnel resulting in lack of possible and well-equipped contributors and drivers of economic and technological advancement.
  2. It equally cements the self-fulfilling prophecy of who shapes the future.
  3. Innovations that are non-inclusive results to end products that are biased thus disadvantaging the consumers.

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The TanzanAi Community is here for you. Answering questions on how and why communities can be equipped with knowledge and information about Artificial intelligence

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Join the next community meetup that will involve a movie night and intriguing discussions about AI in Africa. Visit: for more

PS: AI is not a boys-only gadget