The Essence Of Artificial Intelligence In Africa


But what kind of tool is AI? Well, that’s not a question with a single answer since there is no officially agreed definition. Even AI researchers have no exact definition of AI. The field is rather being constantly redefined when some topics are classified as non-AI, and new topics emerge.

The definition I present to you is based on the properties which characterize AI¹:

Autonomy — The ability to perform tasks in complex environments without constant guidance by a user.

Adaptivity — The ability to improve performance by learning from experience.

In other words, a system that can function without constantly being monitored, and gets better as it does more....sounds oddly similar to a child, doesn’t it?

Imagine a time when we aren’t limited to repetitive menial tasks in our day to day life, this is a time where we can choose to be as creative as we want, a time where we are more empathetic, in other words, a time when we are more human. These are some of the grand promises we are sold about AI potential, this means that there is a potential dark side to it, but what tool doesn’t have a dark side?

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