The IdeaLab.ai is an AI Commons project to bring AI powered solutions with social impact to the local, regional and global communities of hackers and problem solvers for further improvement of the solutions and creating an open repository of resources for replication and scaling of the impact created by those solutions to the globe.

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The AI Commons Health & Wellbeing Hackathon is an online competition to solve identified local health problems in Tanzania utilizing AI. This competition is open to AI experts, health workers, academic researchers, health tech organizations, students and any other interested party.
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The objectives of the hackathon

+ Development of working Artificial Intelligence solutions/prototypes to solve Tanzanian related health problems.

+ Development of solution documentation to aid reproducibility and contextualization of solutions.

+ Evaluation and improvement of problem documentation.

Challenge Definition Session

Health and Well-being

The possibilities with Artificial Intelligence are immense. There are many transformational use cases being deployed to solve long-standing problems and the outcomes are drastically changing the way we live, work and play. Unfortunately, it is still majorly a black-box model, which are difficult to access, reproduce, contextualize or enhance especially in Africa.


+ To develop the capacity of participants in the process of ideation and problem solving, and to expose them to the application of Artificial Intelligence to solve problems in the health and physical wellbeing sector.

+ To develop a rich set of problems in Health and Wellbeing that can be solved using Artificial Intelligence.

+ To identify and collect the necessary prerequisites to solve the challenges using Artificial Intellpigence.

Onboarding Process

Stakeholders Mapping & Community Building

Identifying and Engaging stakeholders From The local ecosystem of stakeholders, data owners, problem owners and experts

Challenge Definition & Documentation

Mapping and Documenting Challenges in Health & Well-being Ecosytem That Can Be Solved by AI

Hackathon (Ideation & Prototype development)

Creating (technical) prototypes based on the challenge statements followed by the documentation of the prototype

International Evaluation

Opening Up The Solution to The International Community to Receive Feedback For Further Improvement

Solution Improvement

Working With The Problem Owners For Testing and Validating the Improvement on The Solutions.

Solution Deployment

Deployment The Solution to The Knowledge Hubs Including All The Updates; Materials, Tools and Other Resources.




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