The Essence Of Artificial Intelligence In Africa

But what kind of tool is AI? Well, that’s not a question with a single answer since there is no officially agreed definition. Even AI researchers have no exact definition of AI.


How to Run Machine Learning Experiments with Python Logging Module

In this article, you learned the basics of the python logging module, the importance of logging and it’s applications and why it's important to use the logging module when you run machine learning experiments.


Why You Need to Explore Your Data & How You Can Start

"The amount of data we produce every day is truly mind-boggling. There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace"


Is AI Just Another Boys-Only Gadget

Women have been underrepresented in many walks of life and (AI) Artificial intelligence is no different. (Just look at that photo)


Artificial Intelligence in Tanzania, What's Happening. (pdf)

This summary report is trying to highlight the existing projects and startups focusing on Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence in Tanzania, What's Happening.

This blog post is the summary of the report “Artificial Intelligence in Tanzania, what’s happening.” The fast-track report showcasing who is doing what in the AI technology in the country.

Episode 2: With eShangazi

Episode 1: Welcome to Artificial Intelligence